Trusted Sites Search
People typically visit the same websites over and over. Actually, most people remain within their own trusted universe of sites 99% of the time.

So wouldn't it be great if search engines produced search results from your favorite websites only ?

In fact, search engines do have the [site:] parameter for online searches, which restricts results to a specific site. But many people are not even aware that searches can be confined to specific sites. It is also a pain typing the full site over and over. And searches within a group of 5 sites would take even more typing and time.

For example, suppose you search online for the term "stock market". The search results are pulled from the entire internet, including many low-relevance and unwanted websites. Instead, if you restrict search results to a single site, there may not be enough matches found. And if you specify a group of 5 websites, the typing effort is significant.

Why make users choose between too much, too little, or too much effort ? When someone knows they want matches from several financial sites from their trusted universe and no others, why make the search process so difficult ?

TRUSTED Power Search provides the ability to search within a prior defined group of sites. Add a group, give it a name, and add sites to the group. Then select the group from a pick list. Simple.