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Confine searches to trusted sites

Provide search safety for kids

Make web searches quicker, safer, and more efficient

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The Next Level Of Online Search

Online Search Issues
Do you get frustrated with major search engines for...
  • few relevant matches out of those returned
  • unwanted matches from poor quality sites
  • matches from sites in foreign languages

Do you find that major search providers fall short because of...
  • significant typing required to restrict searches within small numbers of sites

  • reliance on search provider safety filters to determine what sites are safe

  • lack of sufficient parental controls designed specifically to protect kids

The next level of web search is finally here !

Better Web Search Experience
TRUSTED Power Search is an app in the shape of a floating toolbar that significantly improves the web search experience, by reducing low-relevance and unwanted query matches. TRUSTED Power Search confines web searches to trusted sites, or whitelists. And, TRUSTED Power Search provides critical search safety for kids by restricting web search results.

With TRUSTED Power Search, your web searches will be quicker, safer, and more efficient.

Trusted Sites
Do you typically spend most of your time online within a very small number of favorite sites ? Doesn't it make sense that search query results would likely be more relevant from these preferred and familiar sites ?

Maybe you visit 8 financial sites regularly. With TRUSTED Power Search, you can define groups, and quickly get relevant results from just those preferred sites.

Safety For Kids
Are you the parent of a young child ?

Parents can restrict which sites are viewed, but they cannot control the actual search results, including snippets and images. While the child cannot open restricted sites, the snippets and images still appear within the search results.

With TRUSTED Power Search, parents can restrict the actual search results to the whitelist of trusted sites, instead of relying on automated safe filters from the search engine.

Trusted and Safe
Read the details of why the TRUSTED Power Search approach is better.

trusted universe
whitelist search
security consistency
search safety for kids

Costs Less Than $5
There are no subscription or usage fees, annual licenses, data limitations, time limitations, or other pricing tricks that make you pay over and over.

one-time payment, unlimited use, forever license


CNET Reviewers
Rating: 4.5 stars
- Outstanding !!

TRUSTED Power Search will be appreciated by parents.

TRUSTED Power Search provides more efficient searches.


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