TRUSTED Power Search provides a better web search experience
TRUSTED Power Search returns more relevant search results
TRUSTED Power Search is intuitive and easy to use
TRUSTED Power Search provides search safety for kids

Check For Updates
Not sure if you're using the latest version of TRUSTED Power Search ?

You can check for updates below, or view the revision history log. If you have an eligible paid version of the app, you'll be able to instantly download any maintenance release for free, and you'll qualify to buy any major release at the lower upgrade price.

  • Enter PRODUCT ID
  • Click [Show Eligibility] button
    • if available, an eligible upgrade will be displayed
  • Select upgrade product
    • free upgrade - download ZIP file
    • paid upgrade - pay via PayPal and download
  • Refer to install instructions

PRODUCT ID What's This
Product ID
The PRODUCT ID is listed on the ABOUT dialog for paid versions of the application.
[include dashes]
Invalid Product ID
The PRODUCT ID is invalid. Check the ABOUT dialog of the application.

Upgrades are for paid versions of TRUSTED Power Search. Visit the downloads page to download the latest demo version of the app.

For customers who purchased TRUSTED Power Search as part of a package of multiple software products, each individual app upgrades separately with its own PRODUCT ID.

When you buy TRUSTED Power Search the first time, you'll pay the full price. Any subsequent major release qualifies for the lower upgrade price. So you'll only ever pay the full price once.

It is not required to purchase every upgrade to continue receiving the lower price. However, upgrade prices are kept low, so it is typically worth it to purchase each major release.

Some minor releases are free. All maintenance releases, which provide fixes, are free.

TRUSTED Power Search costs less than $5

TRUSTED Power Search eliminates poor quality sites from search results

TRUSTED Power Search returns search results from your favorite sites

TRUSTED Power Search makes web searches quicker, safer, and more relevant


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